It’s a new year and with that comes resolutions.  It’s a chance to look inward and take stock of what will improve our overall health and happiness. This year my resolution are pretty simple – in 2015, I resolve to watch more movies.  As I’ve written about before, watching movies has kind of fallen by the wayside due to the everyday busyness of life.  I’ve been reading people’s top 2014 movies lists and much to my dismay; I’ve seen nary a film on any list.  I wanted desperately to see Gone Girl, but never managed to make it to theatres.  I’ve heard great things about Boyhood and Nightcrawler yet haven’t had the chance to see either film.  Something’s got to give so that movie watching can once again become a regular activity in my life.  And I think I’ve figured out just what needs to give to make that happen.

I’m very fortunate to work only until noon on Fridays.  Right now I use my free Friday afternoons to grocery shop or do laundry or some other household chore or errand.  I’ve decided to take back my Friday afternoons.  I’m going to give up the errand running and the chores and start using Friday afternoons to go to the movies!

I used to go to the movies regularly on Friday afternoons, especially during the summer months to watch the newest blockbuster on opening weekend.  It was the perfect start to the weekend and it was nice to see newly released films before the hype, the Internet buzz and the spoilers ensued and ruined the movie for me.

By going back to Friday afternoon movies, I will be able to take advantage of matinee pricing.  There may be smaller crowds so I can pick any seat I want.  And I won’t have to avoid talking about films with other movie-lovers or dart around the Internet trying to avoid a spoiler about one film or another.  I will be able to enjoy watching movies the way I used to – when they’re newly released and when I’m most excited about seeing them.  I’ve really missed the theatre-going experience.  While life is chock full of so many competing priorities and responsibilities, it’s vitally important to make time for the things that bring us joy. Going to the movies has always been joyful for me.  So I resolve that 2015 is the year that I will go back to the movies!

Do you have any 2015 movie-related resolutions?


  1. That’s very good to do. After the summer my youngest one will go to school, which means that the day I have off (only work 4 days a week) can then be used to visit the cinema too. Great idea and enjoy it!

  2. I like this resolution A LOT! 😀 I hope it’s def. one you can keep. I also love the Friday matinees and sitting in the theatre on my own, some candy or popcorn, and getting into a good film. Look forward to your 2015 reviews! Cheers..

    1. I’ve made this resolution before and haven’t stuck to it. I definitely hope to this time. It’s been ages since I’ve seen a movie in the theatre and I’m sure looking forward to my first Friday afternoon flick.

  3. That’s a great idea! I wish that I had something similar, though like anything it’s just about making the time. VOD has helped a lot with 2014 films, but there’s still so much to see. What I’m planning to do in 2015 is spotlight maybe a film a month that I’m going to see in the theater. The number may expand near the end. For January, it’s Blackhat. I’m hoping that I’ll at least catch the films that are most important. Beyond that, I’m just hoping to write more in 2015 and watch more movies. Easy, right?

    1. Making the time has been nearly impossible for me. I honestly can’t remember when I last watched a movie at the theater, it’s been so long. I should make better use of VOD, though seeing a movie on the big screen is what I really want to do more of. Your a film a month idea is great. That’s probably a realistic amount for me as well.

      Sounds easy, yes, but it’s so hard 🙂

    2. I see Blackhat tomorrow night Dan! Can’t wait as I’ve really been looking forward to ti. One that you should add to your list though..that I saw last week.. Kingsman:Secret Service.. and absolute blast of a ride. Taron Egerton – going to be breakout star of 2015..:D

  4. I keep the same resolution my pops does, live a good life to see the beginning of the next year. But in the spirit of movie-related plans, I finished Pictures at a Revolution and was fascinated while repulsed by how many directions Sidney Poitier was pulled so that Hollywood could make claims to not being racist. I’d already been doing a lot of reading on Spike Lee as part of our ongoing series on him, and I’ve loved the film theory from bell hooks amongst others. At some point I realized that I don’t know nearly enough about the history of black creators and American cinema. So, in addition to our Spike work, I’m trying to find more personal time for filmmakers like Kasi Lemmons, Ava DuVernay, while reading stuff like The Devil Finds Work and Slavery By Another Name.

    1. Your Dad keeps a great resolution! It’s great to find a particular focus in movies that you’re passionate about and to devote time to becoming better acquainted with it. I hope you enjoy the new discoveries!

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