Very few romantic comedies ever show what happens after the wedding. Filmmaker Doug Block has taken his 20+ years of wedding videography and decided to go back and figure out what makes a good marriage, not just a good wedding. He asks several of the couples he worked with to discuss how their lives have changed since the day we see them all dressed up and pledging to love forever. Pretty much everyone agrees that it wasn’t easy but, with the exception of just 2 couples we see, they are still together and have weathered quite a few of life’s big problems.

I expected this film to be about the weddings themselves, but we see only small segments of the weddings while the couples discuss how that day has influenced every day that came after. We see the first wedding Block was a part of, even getting a glimpse of how its participants’ lives have changed dramatically, and then come full circle to with the 112th wedding of a new couple being interviewed before their big day.

112 Weddings will hit every viewer differently, depending on their own personal experience with weddings and their idea of marriage. It could be interpreted as a series of things to aspire to, or a list of behaviors to avoid, but it presents one of the most complete and honest views of marriage (not just a wedding) that any movie has ever put forth. To look behind the curtain, see 112 Weddings and reexamine what you hope your own wedding and marriage might be.

Friday, April 25, 7:00 PM, Isabel Bader Theatre
Saturday, April 26, 1:00 PM, Bloor Hot Docs Cinema
Tuesday, April 29, 1:30 PM, Isabel Bader Theatre