Braingasm 1

As our Hot Docs coverage kicks off tomorrow, I thought I would take a moment to highlight a documentary that could use your support. For the past year my friend Lindsay Ragone has been working on an intriguing documentary called Braingasm. It explores the growing phenomenon of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos and the people that use them. ASMR is a particular sensation, often calming, that comes over a person from watching certain videos or listening to certain audio stimuli. This includes everything from a person whispering to them to watching someone painting a picture. Braingasm aims to explore the experiences of both ASMRtists and their viewers as they help define what “ASMR” is really all about.

Lindsay is approaching the end of her filmmaking journey. However, she needs a little help to ensure the film crosses the finish line. Lindsay has started a Kickstarter campaign that I encourage you to consider contributing to. Now I understand that we often get bombarded with various Kickstarter campaigns, which is why I do not normally promote campaigns on the site. However, this is a project I feel very strongly about which is why I have also donated to the campaign. So this is not just lip service.

While I understand we all have different financial circumstances, every dollar literally counts in this instance. No donation is too small. So I implore you to visit both the Braingasm website and the film’s Kickstarter page and consider giving your support.