Cinéfranco, the city’s premier festival for showcasing Francophone cinema, will be kicking off its 17th year tomorrow night. Running from March 28 to April 6, 2014, and covering topics such as sex, love, corruption, politics, crime and self-discovery, there is no shortage of films to satisfy your French appetite. With so many wonderful films to choose from, featuring the acting talents of Catherine Deneuve, Jean Dujardin, and Fanny Ardant, here are five titles that we are intrigued to see:

On My Way 2

On My Way
Bettie, an attractive sixty something, sees her life spinning out of control with her failing restaurant and relationship woes. One Sunday in the middle of a busy lunch shift, she steps out for a short break, gets in her car and drives away towards unknown adventures.

Back in Crime

Back in Crime
Chief inspector Richard Kemp is investigating a homicide, the murder of Hélène Batistelli, which strangely reminds him of the murders committed by the serial killer Perce-Oreille. After an attack propels him back in time to May 1989, just before Perce-Oreille’s first murder occurred, Kemp must enlist the help of a young Hélène Batistelli as he frantically races to stop the murders from happening.

Wrestling Queens

Wrestling Queens
Rose is hired as a supermarket cashier after spending 5 years in prison. Separated from her son Mickaël, happy in his foster home, she wants to get closer to him by sharing his exclusive passion: wrestling. Rose convinces her co-workers to form a wrestling team. With former wrestler Richard the Lionheart, now an old grumpy gymnasium guard, reluctantly agreeing to become their coach, Rose’s team embarks on a hilarious journey of self-discovery.

The Informant

The Informant
To pay for his debts, Marc Duval, a French expat in Gibraltar and a bar owner whose customers are drug dealers, accepts a deal to become a one-time informant for French Customs. Caught up in a web of political intrigue and the illicit drug trade, Duval quickly becomes a pawn in an international power play between drug lords and customs officials.

Bright Days Ahead 1

Bright Days Ahead
Caroline, a dentist in her sixties, has just retired. While attending a beginners computer class for seniors, Caroline, who is married, falls for her forty something instructor Julien. In her film, Marion Vernoux moves away from the easy “cougar” clichés to prove that age is meaningless in matters of the heart and sexual attraction.

You can find the full selection of films screening, as well as ticket information, on the Cinéfranco website. All the films will be screened at The Royal, 608 College Street, Toronto.


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