The River 1

Lauren Ambrose headlines this wonderful short about a woman who simply wants to get to the river. Maria (Ambrose) is a pregnant small town cashier who spends her days listening to ‘love and kindness’ meditation tapes that feature the soothing voice of an unnamed guru (Michael C. Hall). The only thing she truly desires is a cooling swim to combat the sweltering heat. However, this becomes a bit of a chore to achieve as she encounters car troubles, a local kid looking to buy booze (Anthony M. Corbett), and the merchant (Adam Driver) who refuses to sell alcohol to minors. Directed by Ambrose’s husband, Sam Handel, The River is one of those charming shorts that will leave a smile on your face.

The River
Director: Sam Handel / USA/ 2013/ 13 Minutes
Starring: Lauren Ambrose, Anthony M. Corbett, Adam Driver and Michael C. Hall


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