Likeness 1

Famed cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto’s credentials range from Martin Scorsese’s upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street to Frida. His visual eye ranks amongst the best in the business. Prieto makes his directorial debut with the disturbing, but important, short film Likeness. The film stars Elle Fanning as a teenager struggling with an eating disorder. Inspired by the experiences of his own daughter, Prieto puts us right in the shoes of those dealing with the disorder. He shows the image of ugliness that many feel on the inside. Though some scenes in the short are tough to watch, Likeness is one of those important shorts that needs to be seen.

Starring Elle Fanning
Director: Rodrigo Prieto / USA/ 2013


  1. She’s probably not as spellbinding as in Ginger and Rosa. But I don’t care.

    I officially think Elle Fanning should be cast for every role ever, regardless of age or gender. 😉

    (Oh and that face cracking makeup was pretty creepy.)

      1. Maybe because, as brilliant as it is, it ain’t easy to watch? I’m not sure I’d even call it entertaining, despite the fact that it’s currently in my Top 5 for 2013.

  2. finally watched this. only heard of it from this column.

    i have to admit, i was lost. i grasped the sense of the feeling ugly but had no idea this was about an eating disorder…..i guess i should’ve picked up on that from all the gaunt people?..

    1. Yep it is far more subtle than most in regards to how it portrays eating disorders. Prieto’s daughter, she appears as Fanning’s friend at the end, had a lot of input into the short. This is probably why the theme of feeling ugly is far more prominent. It is usually one of the major catalysts for eating disorders in young women.

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