Castello Cavalcanti

Inspired by the great films I have seen over the past year at the Shorts That Are Not Pants screenings, as well as one of my favourite features on Sound on Sight, I have decided to make a better effort to show short films more love. Since it is often tough for many to see shorts outside of Academy Award season, I am going to try to highlight films that are available for your viewing pleasure online. Some will feature actors and directors that you will recognize, while others will be made by relative unknowns. Regardless, at the end of the day, Shorts Spotlight is a weekend feature meant to promote the short film art form and the artists who make them. To kick things off here is the latest short film from director Wes Anderson.

Over the past year Prada has gone out and commissioned top directors (Anderson, Polanski) to make short films to promote their brand. While other companies have used this marketing tactic before, you have to give Prada credit for allowing the filmmakers freedom to be creative. Though Prada’s stamp may be on this, make no mistake, the tone is distinctly Anderson.

Castello Cavalcanti
Directed by Wes Anderson / Starring: Jason Schwartzman, Giada Colagrande


  1. I watched this short last night as I might post my review later tonight or tomorrow. I just absolutely adored it. Then again, I’m a Wes Anderson fanboy.

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