The Record Breaker

Take a moment and think about who you would consider to be the greatest athlete? Chances are good that the name Ashrita Furman did not come to mind. Furman is the world record holder for most Guinness World Records. If there is a record you can think of, no matter how crazy, the odds are good Furman has broken it. In his hilarious documentary short, The Record Breaker, director Brian McGinn examines what would make a man, who had the potential to be a lawyer, want to do such things as catching malt balls in his mouth while standing on an elephant? The most surprising thing about the film is how normal Furman actually is. Though the feats he attempts are outlandish, Furman has a better sense of who he is as a person than most people do. The film also features a rather engaging subplot involving the tension between Furman and his father. In many ways it would have been nice to see the film as a full feature since there is so much McGinn could have expanded on. Light-hearted and filled with plenty of laughs, The Record Breaker is a wonderful short that both entertains and inspires.