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July 14

The Nominee: Jack Nicholson

Where does one begin to talk about Jack Nicholson?  His off-screen persona is just as famous as his on-screen one.  He’s made many films over his long and storied career and he’s played some wacky, wonderful and unforgettable characters.  When I think of him, I don’t think first of any particular role he’s played or […]

December 08

The Gambler

Jim Bennett (Mark Wahlberg), an associate literature professor at a local University, is an all or nothing type of guy who firmly believes if you can’t excel at a task you should just give it up. He brings this attitude to his job as well. When not confronting his students with highly personal questions, Bennett […]

March 11

Special ID

A man lies dead on the floor of a restaurant, the victim of a nearby sniper who has yet to reveal his location. The rest of the men in the room cower in fear. They do not know who is attacking them, but the timing is a little too convenient to be mere coincidence. This […]