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July 08

Out of Print

Julia Marchese’s debut film Out of Print is a love letter to a cinematic experience that, sadly, many will never get a chance to partake in. In an era where multiplexes have become breeding grounds for those who spend more time looking at their cell phones than the images projected on the screen in front […]

December 18

Call Me Lucky

In the basement that has haunted Barry Crimmins since he can remember, the acerbic comedian’s tongue falters for a moment as he hums and haws in the darkness. Eventually, unrehearsed words pour out and assemble themselves into a poignant reminder of why he is the perfect subject for Bobcat Goldthwait’s documentary Call Me Lucky. Though […]

February 26

The Auteurs: Jason Reitman

One of the most fascinating filmmakers to emerge in the world of cinema in the past decade, Jason Reitman likes to explore individuals who struggle to deal with the realities of their life. The son of famed comedy filmmaker Ivan Reitman, Jason Reitman has carved out his own distinct voice by meshing both humor and […]