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December 08

The Gambler

Jim Bennett (Mark Wahlberg), an associate literature professor at a local University, is an all or nothing type of guy who firmly believes if you can’t excel at a task you should just give it up. He brings this attitude to his job as well. When not confronting his students with highly personal questions, Bennett […]

January 29

Lone Survivor

Beginning with an excellent montage of the incredible mental and physical requirements needed to pass Navy SEAL training. Peter Berg brings the audience quickly into the difficult world of the Navy SEAL frogmen. Lone Survivor focuses on the failed Navy SEAL “Red Wings Operation” of June 2005. The plan was to send in a four […]

August 26

Pain & Gain

Pain & Gain is an odd beast of a film. It races forward at a feverish pace and often feels as outlandish as the real-life story at the centre of it. Like many of the muscular self-absorbed characters in the film, director Michael Bay takes such pleasure in his own stylistic abilities that he seems […]