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May 03

Hot Docs 2017: The Quiet Zone

I’m not sure you can ever know what it feels like in someone else’s skin. You can identify with certain issues, headaches, a stubbed toe, a bumped funny bone, but you can’t rate someone else’s experience with pain. If you had to live with numerous kinds of pain, and someone told you there was a […]

April 29

Hot Docs 2017: Thank You For the Rain

There are moments in this world when we know we could have done more. The recent elections in the US, Brexit in the UK, among many others have left many people realizing they should have done more. The focus of the new documentary, Thank You For the Rain, directed by Julia Dahr, is a Kenyan […]

May 03

Hot Docs 2016: Half-Life in Fukushima

It’s just over five years since the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in the Pacific Ocean that led to the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan. It’s almost become a catchphrase, like Chernobyl. We know something nuclear happened, but the details are beginning to fade, as is our interest in what came next. What directors Mark Olexa […]

May 02

Hot Docs 2016: How to Let Go of the World

Though you may not have noticed, Earth Day 2016 was pretty momentous as the final version of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change was opened for signatures, and 177 countries signed the agreement and 15 have already ratified it. This should have been a moment for excitement; a celebration that the world has come together […]

April 29

Hot Docs 2015: Daughter of the Lake

Nelida, a young Andean woman, is going to law school in the city in an attempt to gain formal training to battle a corporation threatening her community. The corporation in question is a mining company determined to extract gold deposits valued in the millions sitting beneath her village. Determined not to give up, Nelida’s actions […]

April 25

Hot Docs 2015: How to Change the World

When you choose a grandiose title like How the Change the World, it brings expectations of earth-shattering moments that permanently modified our thinking. It’s a tall order to come close to matching those aspirations. The idealistic guys who started Greenpeace and energized the environmental movement might fit the bill, however. A shot of Paul Watson […]

October 02

Shorts Spotlight: The Missing Scarf

There is going to be a lot of festival coverage coming in the next few weeks as both imagineNATIVE and Toronto After Dark get rolling soon. However, I also want to ensure that our friends at Shorts That Are Not Pants get some love as well. As they gear up for their next screening of […]

April 29

Hot Docs Review: The Sower

What is the goal of a cherry tree? Is it to make the best cherries? Not really, the cherries are only to attract birds (and the occasional human) that take the seeds away from the parent tree so they can grow. The seeds of the tree are its children. Every plant, tree, vegetable and flower […]

March 04

Hot Docs Announces 14 Titles in Special Presentations Program

The Sheik Hot Docs has announced 14 documentary features that will be a part of this year’s Special Presentations program, a high-profile collection of world and international premieres, award-winners from the recent international festival circuit, and works by master filmmakers or featuring some star subjects. These films will screen as part of the 2014 Hot […]

December 06

Planet In Focus Review: Elemental

Elemental finds directors Gayatri Roshan and Emmanuel Vaughn Lee choosing three Echo-Crusaders, from different regions of the Commonwealth, to be the subjects of their film. The story follows the three as they try to bring change to harsh realities of today’s environmental climate. One of these individuals is Rajendra Singh, a commissioner with the Ganges […]

December 01

Planet in Focus Review: Gringo Trails

Gringo Trails is a term used in South and Central America for the destinations where foreign tourists normally frequent. Travelers usually can be defined by three specific categories. The first are the drifters who stumble upon an area alone or possibly with one or two other people and stay for an extended period of time. […]

November 22

Planet in Focus Review: Arctic Defenders

Arctic Defenders is an eye-opening film that looks at hardships that the Inuit people endured as a result of the Canadian government’s quest to claim the Arctic. Inuit men and women were uprooted from their homes in the 1950’s and abruptly transplanted, against their will, to the Arctic to act as human flagpoles for Canadian […]

November 21

Planet in Focus Review: The Ghost in Our Machine

If animals can experience the same emotions of fear and joy as humans, then why are they not cared for like humans? This is the central question that drives the work of award-winning photographer and activist Jo-Anne McArthur. Spending over ten years of her life advocating against the mistreatment of animals worldwide, McArthur shows no […]