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November 30

BITS 2014: Ejecta

The promo material for Ejecta intrigued me. It describes the film as “The story of one night on earth that changed everything we know about the universe”; a blurb from the directors goes on to call it “the story of two men who witness an unexplainable event in the atmosphere on the eve of a […]

November 28

BITS 2014: Short Film Showcase

Part of the pleasure that comes with taking in the Blood in the Snow Film Festival is the numerous short films that screen before the features. The festival also highlights the creativity of the medium in their Short Film Showcase programme. The showcase offers another venue for filmmakers to show off their talents. Here are […]

November 27

BITS 2014: Black Mountain Side

A scientific outpost isolated in the frozen waste…an ancient artifact, unearthed and exposed to the light of day for the first time in millennia…a powerful force, free and wild and beyond good and evil, manipulating the neuroses and insanities of the humans around it for its own end. Sound familiar? Yet Nick Szostakiwskyj’s Black Mountain […]

November 26

BITS 2014: Berkshire County

Horror films are often most effective when they reflect the viewers innermost fears back onto them. While fantastical villains like Freddy Krueger infiltrate the cinematic imagination, it is the monsters that capture the fears of the times that are the most fascinating. In Berkshire County there are two types of monsters roaming around, but identifying […]

November 30

Blood in the Snow Review: Thanatomorphose

Thanatomorphose is described in Reverso’s French language dictionary as “modifications visibles ques la mort provoque sur les organismes” which, when translated into English, means “visible changes that death causes on organisms”. In what may be the most disturbing film since David Lynch’s Eraserhead, or at the very least The Human Centipede, writer/director Eric Falardeau delivers […]

November 29

Blood in the Snow Review: Short Film Showcase

One of the nice elements of the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival is the large number of short films that the festival showcases amongst their feature films. Here is a small sample of the shorts screening as part of the BITS Short Film Showcase program. Tasha and Friends If the Muppets were ever […]

November 27

Blood in the Snow Review: Evangeline

Karen Lam is a delightful woman. I know this simply from an interview I did with her for a podcast back in July of 2013. An award-winning director, writer, film and television producer, Karen is additionally professional, candid, and never shy about her women horror filmmakers advocacy. She was a natural choice for both me […]

November 14

Blood in the Snow Prepares for Chills and Thrills

The 2013 Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival will take place from November 29th to December 1st 2013 to the Carlton. A total of 23 films (22 of which are premieres) will be shown during 8 programs of 7 features and 16 shorts, from filmmakers all across Canada. This year’s program is set to […]