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November 20

EUFF 2017: My Name Is Emily

Mental stability and genius are two edges of a thin piece of wire. Robert (Michael Smiley) is bubbling under the wrong side of the ledger until his daughter Emily (Evanna Lynch) is born. Emily inspires Robert to fully blossoms as a person. He becomes a teacher and is moved to write a book turns into […]

June 07

New on Blu-ray & DVD: The Martian Extended Edition

After wowing both audiences and critics, and garnering seven Academy Award nominations, The Martian returns today on Digital HD, DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra bigger and better than before. Released by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, The Martian Extended Edition features ten minutes of brand new footage and over two hours of special features. In […]

February 08

New on Blu-ray & DVD: Spectre

After fifty plus years and twenty-four adventures, secret agent extraordinaire James Bond shows no signs of slowing down. Taking in over $850 million worldwide, Spectre proved once again that there is plenty of juice left in the Bond franchise. While critics were divided on the latest edition to the Bond canon of films, fans could […]

February 07

TBFF16: Ayanda and the Mechanics

Many of the great universal truths revolve around family or grieving. Often it is a combination of the two. It doesn’t matter what kind of parent you have, your relationship with them doesn’t end with death. They stay with us via the ideal vision of them formulated by our memories once they have passed. This […]

February 06

TBFF16: Jimmy Goes to Nollywood

Situated just behind Bollywood in the ranking of the cinema’s most prolific content providers, Nollywood has surprisingly flown under the radar compared to its Indian counterpart. Intrigued by how such an industry, which pumps out films at a higher volume than Hollywood, can amass a dedicated international following, Jimmy Goes to Nollywood attempts to uncover […]

February 06

TBFF16: Christmas Wedding Baby

Christmas Wedding Baby, the feature film debut by Kiara Jones, follows a trio of sisters whose lives are all in various states of flux. Andrea (Kimberley Drummond), the baby of the family, who serves as the glue for the story, returns back home to North Florida for her upcoming Christmas wedding. Though she is marrying […]

February 05

TBFF16: The Girl is in Trouble

Julius Onah’s debut feature film, The Girl is in Trouble, marches down a familiar path, but clearly moves to its own energetic beat. The protagonist, August (Columbus Short), sells the film early on as a tale of chance and fate, but it is also about the choices people make. Choices that have ramifications one cannot […]

February 05

TBFF16: Dry

Dry, the latest directorial work from noted Nollywood actress Stéphanie Linus, aims to shed some light on a serious condition, obstetric fistula, impacting many women in Africa. Using her film as a call to action, Linus’ drama follows two individuals, from seemingly different worlds, whose lives intersect in an expected way. Zara (played by Linus) […]

February 04

TBFF16: Game Face

The biggest hurdle for the athletes at the heart of Michiel Thomas’ wonderful documentary Game Face is not the opponents they face in competition, but rather the weight of their own conscious. So desperate to live the life they deserve, including being treated like a normal person and not an “other,” they have tried to […]

January 20

The Revenant

Alejandro González Iñárritu latest film, The Revenant, is a dramatization about a particular period in the life of legendary American frontiersman Hugh Glass. Based on a novel by Michael Punke, and set in 1823, the film opens with Glass (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and his son Hawk (Forrest Goodluck) leading Captain Andrew Henry’s (Domhnall Gleeson) […]

January 14


There is a poignant moment in Deniz Gamze Ergüven’s wonderful debut Mustang where Lale (Güneş Şensoy), the young narrator of the tale, tries desperately to sabotage her sister Ece (Elit İşcan) as she prepares treats for their guest. A traditional act of hospitality in most households, Lale’s actions seem like nothing more than an act […]

January 01

Bajirao Mastani

Bollywood received a stunning jolt at the end of December with the release of Bajirao Mastani. There’s a lot that the film offers, but its cinematography undoubtedly walks off with the game. Finding creative ways to use lighting and colour to make sets look both flamboyant and stoical is tough feat in itself, however, cinematographer […]

December 18

Call Me Lucky

In the basement that has haunted Barry Crimmins since he can remember, the acerbic comedian’s tongue falters for a moment as he hums and haws in the darkness. Eventually, unrehearsed words pour out and assemble themselves into a poignant reminder of why he is the perfect subject for Bobcat Goldthwait’s documentary Call Me Lucky. Though […]

December 16

45 Years

Despite sharing our lives with those who we consider our nearest and dearest, do we ever really know a person? This is one of the questions that Andrew Haigh’s 45 Years ponders. Using the bonds of marriage as a jumping off point, Haigh’s drama offers an intimate look at a couple whose lengthy union is […]

December 11


Paolo Sorrentino’s Youth is an interesting nut to crack. Though the director’s previous film, the Academy Award winning The Great Beauty, has been sitting in my Netflix queue for months, this marked the first time I actual dipped my toes into the waters of his canon. While I am not sure if I soaked up […]

December 10


Many marriage courses like to emphasize the importance of hands in a relationship. Often taken for granted, hands can reveal a lot about people. They can signify a couples’ bond when held together, or be subtly used in a flirtatious way to indicate attraction. Clearly the significance of touch is not lost on Todd Haynes, […]

December 09

The Danish Girl

I am not sure what it is about Eddie Redmayne, or perhaps it is just the films he has chosen of late, but for the second time in a row I find my attention drifting from him and towards his female co-stars. Similar to The Theory of Everything, where he played another key figure in […]

December 08

Goodnight Mommy

Humans seem to possess an innate aversion to change. As adults, we understand we must fight stagnation, but children rely on routine and the familiar for comfort and learning. To a child, even the most subtle shifts or recontextualization can become a source of terror, particularly when they threaten said child’s sense of safety. In Goodnight […]

December 05

The Second Mother

“They are not my bosses” shouts a frustrated Jéssica (Camila Márdila) to her estranged mother Val (Regina Casé). The “they” in this conversation is the wealthy São Paulo couple who Val works for. Believing in the unspoken rule that servants, and in this case their offspring, do not co-exist within the same space as their […]

December 03


Considering that they are considered to be two of the most notorious criminals in British history, it makes sense that filmmakers would be intrigued by the Krays. Ruthlessly squeezing their hands around the throat of East End of London, the brothers carried an almost mythical allure. The problem is, once you get past the obvious […]