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  1. Closed Comments on “The End Of The Storm” Movie review. So. as ineffectually cathartic this might be, I will give you my opinion of your critique of this movie which chapters LFC’s road to Glory after 30 years of not winning a League title.

    The first thing I would point out sir, is that 1) Liverpool are not bereft of trophies, nay, they are the most decorated Club in English football history these days. 2) Your comment (and I paraphrase) “Who wants to see what Liverpool players did at home during Lockdown?” … this amounted to 3 minutes of a one and a half hour long documentary. Did you only watch the trailer and write your review? Shame on you.

    Your critique is tight fisted and way off the mark. It doesn’t even acknowledge the rights to passage stories of Henderson, Mane and Bobby Firmino.

    Do your job properly or don’t waste our time please.

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