Over at That Shelf, I reviewed animated film The Boss Baby: Family Business. The sequel to the Academy Award nominated The Boss Baby finds siblings Tim and Ted transforming back to their younger selves to save the world once again. You can read my full thoughts on the film via the link below:

The Boss Baby: Family Business Review

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  1. Love your review.. it will only let me comment over there if I have Facekook and I don’t have it! eeek. Just know I loved it, I like that you called it a ‘potion’ as I just realized that’s what my 8 yr old called it as well! hahahahaha darnit I missed using that word that I love. We actually make ‘potions’ together which is essentially me filling up all sorts of little sample bottles full of soap or whatever – but making it different colours & I have baby powder as special ‘secret’ stuff. So this was a cute reminder. I just thought it was good, sweet, family fun without the usual adult innuendos that go right over the kids heads. Where they try to talk so fast, you can’t keep up. My little girl related to Tabitha a lot. So glad we both got to see a good family film with the kids! 🙂 have a great 4th of July weekend as well!

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