Film critic Heidy Morales of Hye’s Musings invited me for a chat about the documentary Coded Bias, which is available to stream this month via Hot Docs. Our conversation touched on the film, racial bias in coding and the impact of artificial intelligence on modern society. You can listen to our discussion via the SoundCloud link below:

Spotlight on Documentary: Coded Bias

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  1. I will be interested to hear this one and save it for a drive this weekend. I haven’t seen this film but I’d read on the subject just a couple of months ago (or what I presume is the general subject, correct me if I’m wrong), basically that AI learns from whatever we feed it, but since virtually everything that’s ever been recorded was done so by white men, their bias will be baked into AI as it is in us. Since our society has such unequal representation, the AI won’t hear much from diverse voices. And even things we consider “great works of art” are often quite racist – controversy abounds on whether we teach them in schools, so how do we feed them into AI? And history’s “great men” are often problematic AT BEST, as evidenced by the toppling of so many statues recently. So how can AI draw any other conclusion that so many humans are some how worth less than others?

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