No Time to Die, the latest film in the James Bond franchise that was suppose to open this weekend prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, may have been pushed back but that does not stop us from discussing all thing Bond. The team of writers over at That Shelf, myself included, have ranked all the James Bond films. For the piece I wrote about Skyfall, Live and Let Die, and Spectre. You can find the staff’s full thoughts below:

James Bond Ranked: Revisiting 007 Before “No Time to Die”


  1. I’m a big fan of the James Bond series as here is my list (which includes the non-EON films) as I’m one of those that really liked Spectre largely because of its emphasis on suspense and intrigue as well as having more moments with Ben Whishaw’s Q who I think is starting to come to his own as he does the right thing in making the character his own thing instead of trying to be Desmond Llewelyn who will always be the definitive version of Q. Q is my favorite Bond character.

  2. Loved your list although I would probably flip the top Brosnan flicks as I enjoyed Tomorrow Never Dies over Goldeneye, even with a sub par villain. Everything or Nothing would have been a great film as well. Also loved the fact that Timothy Dalton got some Top 10 love. He was Craig before Craig.

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