The English foreign correspondent/journalist Robert Fisk is the subject of this riveting documentary that covers his career of incredibly brave reporting from the most dangerous areas in the world. Beginning in Belfast, the Englishman witnessed firsthand what his government/military was doing, leading to his core principle of challenging authority. He carried this ideal of speaking truth to power with him as his work led him to the Middle East in 1976.

From the Iran-Iraq war starting in 1980, to Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, to the war raging in Syria to this day, Fisk is always determined to sprint toward the frontlines. Remaining neutral and objective, even interviewing Osama Bin Laden on three occasions, his determination to report the truth that he witnesses with his own eyes is constantly on display. He forges on even when others try use his work to cast him as a villain for condemning the actions of a government or for calling out the intentional ignorance of mainstream media.

Now in his 70’s, he still reports the truth vigorously without fear of reader’s opinions or the warzones that surround him. We witness challenging images of dead bodies, which can only make one wonder how many Fisk himself has seen. Perhaps the only problem here is that, having covered so many conflicts, it is difficult to learn anything about any single one. But this isn’t the point.

While Fisk is present for the entire runtime, and the man is very interesting, what he stands for is the ultimate message: challenging authority, remaining objective, standing up for those in need, and believing journalist who report what they actually see. Immensely educational, This is Not a Movie will surely open eyes to the horrific truth beneath the government and media spin.

Monday September 9, Scotiabank, 7 PM
Wednesday, September 11, Scotiabank, 8:30 PM