Animal Behaviour is an animated short film featuring a collection of animals participating in a group therapy session, all with their own separate and on-brand issues. A dog leads the group, which is composed of a praying mantis with some sexual frustrations, a leech suffering from dependency problems, an over-eating pig, and so forth. While the participants are generally civil to each other and their respective issues, once an Ape with some anger problems shows up, things get pointed and rowdy.

Directed by David Fine and Allison Snowden, Animal Behaviour features a familiar animation style. It is warm and bright, with a slight cartoonish aesthetic. It fits well with the tone of the film, which is fairly tongue-in-cheek and makes heavy use of broad humor, but without overtly drawing attention to the “jokes”.

All-in-all, Animal Behaviour is a perfectly pleasant little story, put together quite well by Fine and Snowden. There’s some solid laughs, and a touching message underneath it all.