The Subject
An animated/stop-motion film that looks and sounds incredible, The Subject is one of the strangest and most memorable shorts I have ever seen. In the film, a man approaches a body, which turns out to be a dead version of himself. He slowly and methodically slices the body open from shin to chest with a scalpel, only for a metallic growth to spurt out of the dead man’s shin, almost reminiscent of Tetsuo. Soon more incredibly creative mechanisms launch themselves from the body, including a merry-go-round and a microscope.

In dissecting the body, the man seems to be trying to search within himself and is confronted by the chaos that lies inside. Director Patrick Bouchard composed the sound as well as the animation, adding another layer of pandemonium to the experience. The Subject is an outstanding film that will have you revisiting it many times to unlock meaning behind the chaotic and dark experience.

Screens as part of Short Cuts Programme 06:
Saturday, September 15, 9:15 PM, Scotiabank Theatre


Fuck You
Anette Sidor’s short film Fuck You feels it could easily be turned into a feature one day. In the film, we meet a very interesting young girl named Alice (Yandeh Sallah), whose attitude towards life is right there in the title. As a middle finger, she shoplifts early on. She doesn’t care what people think of her, and when her boyfriend, Johannes (Martin Schaub), both crowds her and doesn’t allow her to join a game he and his friends are playing, her feelings towards him change. Her eyes turn to another young man in the group.

The viewer is never quite sure if she is genuinely interested in this other man, or if she is playing mind games with her boyfriend. Another middle finger. One thing is clear is that Alice is fed up with the gender double standard. The climax is incredibly strange, as Alice shifts the power dynamic while wearing a strap-on. A move that will test what her boyfriend will do to keep her, and what transpires could perhaps change his entire sexual character. Though a challenging film, Fuck You is certainly unique and funny in a strange and dark way.

Screens as part of Short Cuts Programme 05:
Saturday, September 15, 6:30 PM, Scotiabank Theatre


A nameless woman is setting up a camera for some sort of video blog when a maintenance man unexpected arrives needing to change a filter. The woman seems like someone who rarely leaves her home, as she is extremely awkward around him, constantly asking questions that the man doesn’t particularly care to answer. Suddenly an alarm goes off, releasing pink smoke that fills the room. Both characters treat it as a normal occurrence. However, it elicits a violent reaction from the man, as he doesn’t have a mask to allow him to breathe.

7A jarring and confusing ending is open to interpretation and will leave you with plenty of questions. What exactly was the smoke and why did an alarm accompany its arrival? What was the woman planning to do with her video camera before the man arrived? Feeling a bit bland at times, the film provides much more questions than answers, which could be seen as a good or a bad thing depending on one’s taste.

Screens as part of Short Cuts Programme 06:
Saturday, September 15, 9:15 PM, Scotiabank Theatre

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