A few weeks ago, film critic Leonard Maltin and his daughter Jessie, the dynamic duo behind the Maltin on Movies podcast, announced that they were creating a weekly New Voices feature on Leonard Maltin.com. This was in response to a recent USC’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative study that showed just how wide the diversity gap is when it comes to the types of film critics writing for major publications.

Rather than join in the chorus of those who tried to change the discourse, without addressing the issue at hand, the Maltins wanted to be a part solution in some way. They chose to open their platform and shine a spotlight on voices who might not normally get center stage attention.

Growing up in an age where film criticism reached mainstream acceptance on television, critics like Roger Ebert, Gene Siskel and Leonard Maltin left a huge impression on me. Wanting to support the Maltins’ initiative, I took their call for submissions as a personal challenge. If they were going to build a bridge, I was going to attempt to cross it.

Huge thank you goes out to both Leonard and Jessie Maltin for opening their doors and using their platform to help champion diverse voices. If you want to support their New Voices initiative send your submission to maltinmovies@gmail.com. You can find the link to my Luke Cage article below:

The Blinding Light of Love in Luke Cage Season Two


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