The Accountant of Auschwitz is an eye-opening documentary that is executed very well. Oskar Gröning was a Nazi soldier whose job was to take the possessions of all the prisoners that were being sent to Auschwitz. He was also known as the ‘bookkeeper’. We hear from many survivors of the camps, who feel he played a part in the murder of thousands of people. We also hear from those who have studied the subject, and amazingly, a grandson of a well-known Nazi.

These stories and interviews are seamlessly intertwined with Oskar’s, now well into his 90’s, upcoming trial. The survivors want justice, a conviction, to set a precedent. Mass killings still occur, but we never hear from the perpetrators liked this.

Oskar was certainly brave in coming out to say what he did, that it did happen, as he saw it with his own eyes and holocaust deniers anger him. Many of his words though are quite chilling.

We also get a glimpse of what life is like in Germany. Holocaust deniers spray paint on walls, they deface signs commemorating it. We also learn that nothing about the war is taught in German schools, which certainly explains the tense nature in Germany between deniers and those who believe the truth. One gets the feeling that society in Germany is different and difficult, as the citizens try to move on from the worst mass killings in history, even if it was 70 years ago.

World War II buffs apply here, as this is quite an incredible story. It is unfortunate that so many Germans deny the holocaust, as it is a piece of history that should not be buried, rather it should serve as an example of how manipulation and ‘following orders’ can lead to the death of millions of people.

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