The Dark Half

It has been a little quiet here over the last week as a well-earned vacation was in order. Sure, there are a slew of films that I probably should be seeing and discussing this summer, but it was important to squeeze in some family time prior to the fall film festival season kicking into gear. Prior to hitting the road though, I wrote down my thoughts over at In the Seats reflecting on the legacy of the late horror filmmaker George A. Romero from the perspective of a causal horror fan.

You can read the full piece over at In the Seats.

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  1. Romero’s place in cinema will always be etched in stone. Not because he founded the subgenre of zombie movies but he did so much more. They had some social commentary about the world and were willing to confront them. Plus, he is kind of the father of the midnight movies and a forefather of independent cinema. The world owes him a great debt.

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