Think the Toronto International Film Festival is the only show in town this September? Those with a thirst for cinema should also consider spending time at the Caribbean Tales International Film Festival. Running from September 7 – 17, 2016 at The Royal Cinema, and celebrating its eleventh year, the festival highlights established and emerging filmmakers of Caribbean heritage whose art reflects the Caribbean diaspora worldwide. Featuring diverse works from around the globe, film lovers will find plenty to enjoy at the festival. After scouring the diverse selection of titles, here are five films we are keen on seeing at Caribbean Tale 2016:

His Father's Son

HIS FATHER’S SON Adjani Salmon, UK/Jamaica
His Father’s Son is a short film about Jimmy, a teenager struggling to be seen as a man in his Caribbean father’s eyes.


Trafficked Sean Hodgkinson, Trinidad
Three friends on an exotic vacation fall for the charms of a stranger who comes along and ‘saves’ them from danger. As their friendship is tested by the stranger’s presence, they soon realize that they are pawns in a deadly game being played.


In a futuristic world where reality is lived virtually, Isfet gains enough power to control the virtual world. She creates the Battledream where everyone must fight for the control of this world or die.


PIETA Melanie Grant, Canada
A young woman finally returns home to her ill mother to find someone from her past nursing her.


GOD WILLING, YULI Jean Jean, Dominican Republic
Yuli, a Haitian woman, has lived in the Dominican Republic for more than thirty-five years. Crossing the border in the early eighties for the sake of a child, Yuli finds herself in a jam when the Dominican government launches their ambitious Regularization Plan.

The full slate of films playing, and ticket information, can be found at the Caribbean Tales International Film Festival website.