This Is Not What You Had Planned

The two couples at the core of Christopher Warre Smets’ wonderful drama, This Is Not What You Had Planned, are in for an evening that neither will forget. Sarah (Natalie Lisinka) arrives at Jack’s (Jefferson Brown) apartment ready for an evening of dinner and romance. Unfortunately for her, their night takes a few drastic turns when passion, expectations and jealousy causes them to confront the hard truths about their relationship. Conversely, at a local movie theatre, Hank (Kristian Bruun) works up the courage to talk to a woman (Elizabeth Whitmere) seated behind him, only to get more than he bargained for when she takes him to task for hitting on her.

Offering more than a mere battle of wits between the sexes, Smets expertly crafted script provides a poignant look at the ways in which relationships grow and crumble. This Is Not What You Had Planned is one of those perfectly contained dramas where no minute is wasted. The clever banter feels organic and helps to further bring out the rich layers of each individual. Even in their moments of selfishness, and in some cases spiteful tendencies, the characters remain endearing. This is thanks in part to the outstanding work by the ensemble cast. Smets talented actors not only vibrantly bring his words to life, but also reminds the audience that being true to oneself is a vital part of all relationships.

This Is Not What You Had Planned
Director: Christopher Warre Smets / Canada/ 2015/ 25 Minutes
Starring: Kristian Bruun, Natalie Lisinska, Elizabeth Whitmere, and Jefferson Brown


  1. I have not seen this film yet, but I hope it is great 🙂 This is a neat site that discusses movies 🙂 Speaking of short subjects, have you seen any of the Oscar nominated short films? I have not, but I think I would count Wes Anderson’s 2007 Hotel Chevalier as one. That was a short film that serves as something of a companion piece to his own Darjeeling Limited. Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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