Mad Max Fury Road

The Cinema Appreciation Society of Toronto (CAST) is an ensemble of critics, bloggers, podcasters and general cinephiles hailing from the cinema haven that is Toronto. United by their shared love of cinema and culture, each year the group swims in the massive pool of theatrical release, and festival screened, films and compiles their selection of the year’s best works. In this year’s CAST Awards, Mad Max: Fury Road reigned supreme…though not without its fair share of debate. Instead of merely releasing their top ten, the group pulled together a few of its members, including site contributor Norman McGlashan (aka. Francis McKay), and recorded a podcast that provides further insight into their top ten selections.

The full list of winners of the 6th annual CAST Awards can be found below:

1. Mad Max: Fury Road
2. Carol
3. Ex Machina
4. Inside Out
5. Spotlight
6. Anomalisa
7. Sicario
8. Brooklyn
9. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
10. Room

Previous winners of the CAST Awards include: Boyhood, Her, Moonrise Kingdom, Drive and Inception


    1. It is interesting to see how quickly the backlash to Carol has already started to set in. I was actually expecting it to happen with Brooklyn (really enjoyed the film, but it is not in my top 20 for the year) rather than Carol. Room is one of those films I can see dividing people. The audience at my screening (most of them hardened critics) were moved to tears. Personally it won me over, but I went into the film knowing very little.

  1. I saw room at the Mill Valley Film fest along with a discussion with the director and Brie Larson. To hear them talk about the process of making the film was fascinating and I thought the film was excellent.

    1. I can only imagined that the post-screening discussion helped to further enhance your overall love of the film. Larson truly gives one of the year’s best performances.

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