Last year, while attending the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, I had the pleasure of seeing a curious little short film entitled Foxed! Co-directed by James Stewart and Nev Bezaire, the film immediately drops the viewer right into the middle of the narrative. Similar to its main character, a young girl named Emily (Athena Karkanis), the audience is disoriented at first. Soon it becomes clear that the girl has been kidnapped by a gang of sinister foxes and forced to work in a mine.

What are the foxes are searching for? Why is Emily’s mother (Fiona Highet) unable to see the dastardly creatures? The answers are never quite clear. Stewart and Bezaire purposely leave the film ambiguous to enhance the overall sense of dread. Fortunately, it looks like the answers might be on the way. As it was reported last year in The Hollywood Reporter, Martin Katz, a longtime collaborator of David Cronenberg, has acquired the rights to turn Foxed! into a feature film. While it is still a few years away, the short offers a sense of the tone that can be expected in the full-length version.

Directors: James Stewart and Nev Bezaire / Canada / 2014 / 4 minutes
Starring: Fiona Highet and Athena Karkanis

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