If you are one of the many individuals who would love to experience TIFF, but cannot afford to make the trip to the festival, you are in luck. For the first time ever, you can experience a piece of the festival from wherever are. This year TIFF is introducing their first ever online-only screening. On Wednesday September 16, for 24 hours, TIFF will be showcasing a selection of international shorts playing this years’ festival. The screening will include an exclusive Q&A roundtable with the films’ directors. Tickets for this special event are only $10 CAD (a steal considering the value of the Canadian dollar at the moment) and will be on sale on Vimeo from September 10-15, 2015. There are only 500 slots available so be sure to get your tickets fast.

Here are the films that will be playing during the Short Cuts Re/Mix online screening:

Short Cuts Remix - Boxing

Directed by Grayson Moore, Aidan Shipley, Canada
Returning to boxing class after a life-changing accident, Sheila has a tough time coping with a classmate’s far-from-selfless efforts to express her concern. An extraordinary cast makes sure all the punches land in this skilfully directed tension-and-release exercise.

Short Cuts Remix - The Ballad of Immortal Joe

The Ballad of Immortal Joe
Directed by Hector Herrera, Canada
A two-fisted tale of ill-fated romance and six-gun justice gets a supernatural twist in this animated homage to the cowboy poetry of Robert W. Service. Kenneth Welsh’s lusty narration and The Sadies’ dead-cool score lend extra colour to the vivid vistas of lonesome prairies and desperate men.

Short Cuts Remix - Deszcz (Rain)

Deszcz (Rain)
Directed by Malina Maria Mackiewicz, Australia
Every time Magda goes to see her lover, Jedrzej, in prison, neither of them knows when his execution will take place. For two years, they have had to accept that either each visit will be the end, and with the end will come a new beginning, or… not.

Short Cuts Remix - Kokom

Directed by Kevin Papatie, Canada
In this resonant tribute to his grandmother, Kevin Papatie presents the history of the Anicinape people as a cyclical journey that begins and ends with resilience.

Short Cuts Remix - Dream the Other

Dream the Other
Directed by Abril Schmucler Iñiguez, Mexico
In his sleep each night, Diego, a lonely man with a humdrum life in Mexico City, dreams of the (far more invigorating) life of a man named Alejandro Valle. As his friend Fabian looks on in disbelief, Diego’s shifting realities begin to take on new forms and a new meaning.

Short Cuts Remix - Bacon & God's Wrath

Bacon & God’s Wrath
Directed by Sol Friedman, Canada
In this endearing and playful mixed-media docu-collage, ninety-year-old Razie’s discovery of “the Google” leads her to a reckoning with her lifelong Jewish faith.

Short Cuts Remix - El Adios

El Adiós
Directed by Clara Roquet, Spain
A Bolivian maid who’s long served a wealthy Spanish family, Rosana is too busy with funeral preparations to grieve the newly departed matriarch. But amid all the events of the day are subtler suggestions of Rosana’s possible liberation. Clara Roquet directs this beautifully realized story of one household’s class divide.

Short Cuts Remix - The Call

The Call
Directed by Zamo Mkhwanazi, South Africa
This arresting urban drama from Johannesburg’s Zamo Mkhwanazi focuses on a key moment in the relationship between a taxi driver and a prostitute. When Sibongiseni finds out that Purity is pregnant, he begins to question his own place in the world.

Short Cuts Remix - That Dog

That Dog
Directed by Nick Thorburn, USA
In this wickedly acerbic spin on a quintessential LA story, three people in an apartment complex raise social awkwardness and crass insensitivity to the level of art form. Musician-turned-filmmaker Nick Thorburn makes the most of a cast that includes alt-comedy heroes Michael Cera and Tim Heidecker.

More information on the Short Cuts Re/Mix titles, and ticket information, can be found on the TIFF website.