The Root_of_the_Problem

Evoking the spirit of classic Twilight Zone episodes, Ryan Spindell’s The Root of the Problem plays on people’s fears of visiting the dentist. Set in 1950’s suburbia, the short involves a housewife, Mary (Alison Gallaher), who suspects that her local dental office might be more sinister than it appears. Is there some validity to Mary’s concerns? Or is her paranoia merely a result of the anesthesia? Nicely capturing the nostalgic tone and dark humour of the era, Spindell’s film balances the fine line of both charming the viewer and making them squirm at the same time. Considering how often modern horror films have relied on gore to shock audiences, rather than conjuring chills in the mind, there is something undeniably appealing about the way The Root of the Problem brings a sense of candy-coloured fun back into the genre.

The Root of the Problem
Director: Ryan Spindell / USA / 2013/ 14 Minutes
Starring: Alison Gallaher, Brea Grant, and Ptolemy Slocum

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  1. I wonder where it would be showing, since it is only 14 minutes long. This should be an interesting film. It kind of invokes another dental themed film called “Dr Giggles” with Larry Drake

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