For ten years Keiji (Hiraku Ando) has made a living as a Rent-boy (aka male gigolo). While the lifestyle has had it perks, the toil of wooing women and drinking copious amounts of champagne has begun to impact his work. Stuck in a rut both professionally and emotionally, it takes an unexpected violent encounter to force Keiji to truly examine what he wants out of life. Directed by Kheaven Lewandowski, River does not glamorize the male prostitution industry, but rather presents a somber look at individuals who have lost their sense of direction. Comparing them to Peter Pan’s Lost Boys, Lewandowski ponders what it is like to age within a profession that is sustained primarily by youthful excess. Utilizing natural lighting and a captivating score by The Belle Game, River provides a mesmerizing look at the Tokyo nightlife and those searching for a sense of purpose within it.

Director: Kheaven Lewandowski / Canada / 2015 / 12 Minutes
Starring: Hiraku Ando


    1. The film really does a good job of capturing and containing the emotional void within the character. It tackles some heavy themes but does so gracefully.

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