Rule Number Three_1

This weekend Nicholas Hoult can be found in theatres worldwide in the hotly anticipated action film Mad Max: Fury Road. Back in 2011, Hoult was not only involved in the revival of the X-Men franchise, playing Beast in X-Men: First Class, but he also made the quirky short film, Rule Number Three. Directed by Tim Ludlam, the film focuses on a young couple, Matt (Nicholas Hoult) and Rachel (Imogen Poots), who only communicate through a game of scrabble. What starts off as a quiet outing at the local pub becomes increasingly awkward when Rachel catches Matt’s roaming eyes on a nearby waitress. Rule Number Three extracts some solid comedy from its novel premise. While the elements involving the tipsy acquaintance (Tim Bentinck) does not play as well – it ultimately disrupts the flow and takes a way valuable time from the central couple’s narrative – there is enough in Rule Number Three to make us think twice about playing board games with our significant other.

Rule Number Three
Director: Tim Ludlam / UK / 2011 / 11 Minutes.
Starring Nicholas Hoult, Imogen Poots, and Tim Bentinck