A couple attempting to move on after a miscarriage serves as the basis for Eleanor Wilson’s captivating drama Possum. On Halloween weekend, Ben (Migs Govea) and Alex (played by Wilson) decide to get away from the city for a few days. Their quiet getaway is far from relaxing though, as an encounter with a dead possum causes the couple to confront many unspoken issues in their relationship. Handling the subject matter with grace and honesty, Wilson’s script eloquently captures the social awkwardness and emotional complexities that couples often endure after a miscarriage. The strong performances by Migs Govea and Eleanor Wilson ensure that the film never veers into Lifetime level melodrama. Instead they bring an unwavering sense of authenticity to the couple’s relationship. Possum is not so much a film about loss, but rather an emotionally rich tale of hope and healing.

Director: Eleanor Wilson / USA/ 2013/ 15 minutes
Starring: Eleanor Wilson, Migs Govea, Jenny Grace and Anthony Comis


    1. We definitely try and show short films love whenever possible. They are an important facet to cinema that rarely gets the recognition they deserve.

      1. Very true. I find them refreshing. Sure there are plenty of bad ones, but at least there’s something original usually going on, a less corrupted vision, a more distinct voice.

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