As anticipation for the 87th Academy Awards is nearing its fever pitch, Keith, the founder of the site Keith & the Movies, decided to look at one of the hot button issues to emerge from this year’s Oscar race: the lack of racial diversity in the nominations. In the latest edition of his “Movie Bloggers Roundtable” feature, Keith invited a group of film lovers, including yours truly, to tackle the question “should the Academy be obligated to include racial diversity in their Oscar nominations?” While everyone seems to be in agreement with their responses, the various paths they took to get there are rather interesting. You can read what the panel had to say here.


  1. This part of that guys comment was really not necessary “shadowy cabal of aging white supremacists industry” .. even though in the original the words “white supremacists” have a strike-through in it.. really..just cheapened his whole statement for me at least.

    1. The use of that term stuck out to me as well. I think it unfair to compare the film industry to such a vile form of racism. Say what you will about the perceived practices of studios, but the industry is still focused on the business of entertainment and not segregation.

  2. Superb response Courtney, very measured and intelligent. I really appreciate that you took the time to explain that Selma’s lack of nominations was not entirely due to any perceived white-washing, but because they hit the deadlines at the very last minute and didn’t market it to the Academy well. At the end of the day, it’s still a business, your excellent and absolutely correct points about the need for more diverse projects notwithstanding.

    What did you think about the way NPH tap-danced around the issue at the Oscars? Like the opening joke “whitest Oscars”, or when he spoke with David Oyelowo and after the pop, “Oh now you like him?”

    1. It is amazing how much people take for granted the campaigning aspect of the nomination process. Harvey Weinstein really changed the game in that regards. A film does not even have to be that strong (think Chocolat a few years back), just engaging enough to build a good campaign around.

      As for NPH, I rather enjoyed both of those pointed jabs. I did notice that the producers of the show did everything they could to ensure that they showcased diversity both on stage and in the audience. Time will tell if this year’s uproar over the lack of diversity resonates with the Academy. Frankly, I did not get the whole “boycott Oscars” tweets that were swirling around. If anything, people should be taking a stance pushing for more diversity in films in general, rather than taking aim at the Oscars themselves.

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