Little Miss Sunshine

At the 2006 Academy Awards Martin Scorsese’s The Departed not only took Best Picture, but also nabbed the filmmaker his first Academy Award for Best Director. While Scorsese’s directorial prowess is hard to argue against, was The Departed really the best film of that year? Is there another film from 2006 that should have pulled an upset?

On this week’s episode of The Dew Over podcast, I join host Jamie Dew and a great panel of guests to discuss the 2006 Oscars. During the lively discussion I attempt an uphill battle to defend the merits of Clint Eastwoods’ Letters from Iwo Jima, talk about the portrayal of Prince Charles in The Queen, share my conflicted thoughts on Little Miss Sunshine’s nomination, and discuss the baffling Best Editing nomination for Babel.

So take a moment to give the episode a listen and see whether or not you agree with the panel’s final verdict.