The Sea is All I know 2

Back in 2012, when writing for another site, I was fortunate enough to get a chance to review the emotionally gripping The Sea is All I Know during the height of its awards run. Two years later the film is finally available for mass consumption and it still packs the same punch today as it did back then. Academy Award winner Melissa Leo and Peter Gerety star as parents struggling to cope with their daughter’s, Angelina (Kelly Hutchinson), terminally ill condition. When Angelina asks them to assist her in committing suicide, the loving parents find themselves at a crossroads regarding how far they are willing to go for love. Filled with outstanding performances, director Jordan Bayne constructs a drama that tackles some heavy issues in an emotionally honest manner. The film expertly shows how illness can both tear a family apart and unite them at the same time.

The Sea is All I Know
Director: Jordan Bayne / USA / 2012/ 29 minutes
Starring: Melissa Leo, Peter Gerety and Kelly Hutchinson