Now that we are in the final two months of 2014, it is time to start thinking about next year’s Blind Spot Series. Created three years ago by James McNally, and championed by Ryan McNeil, the series is designed to encourage film lovers to catch up on films that they have been procrastinating on seeing for some reason or another. Though I still have two more Blind Spot films to see before year’s end, here are the films I plan to watch as part of the 2015 Blind Spot Series:

Rififi (Jules Dassin, 1955)
My Dinner with Andre (Louis Malle, 1981)
Hiroshima, Mon Amour (Alain Resnais, 1959)
Paris, Texas (Wim Wenders, 1984)
The Conformist (Bernardo Bertolucci, 1970)
Imitation of Life (Douglas Sirk, 1959)
Incendies (Denis Villeneuve, 2010)
The Spirit of the Beehive (Víctor Erice, 1973)
3 Idiots (Rajkumar Hirani, 2009)
The Monster Squad (Fred Dekker, 1988)
Spellbound (Alfred Hitchcock, 1945)
Withnail & I (Bruce Robinson, 1987)

What films are currently in your cinematic blind spot?


  1. My Dinner With Andre is an interesting experience. It does take a bit of patience but it’s one of those weird cinematic paradoxes. It’s a movie that on paper should be the most boring film in the world that no sane person would ever want to make and yet somehow it actually works. I think it has something to do with the contrasting nature of the two leads (literally down to their wardrobe) and how they play off of each other. I actually did a whole piece on it back in March (http://hitchcocksworld.blogspot.ca/2014/03/my-dinner-with-andre-cinematic-paradox.html).

    The two movies I have left for this year are Notes on a Scandal and White Hunter, Black Heart. I’m still trying to decide on next year’s selection, but there are a few possible candidates. Modern Times and Ninotchka are both possible choices, along with the more recent Blue is the Warmest Colour.

    I was tossing around the idea of maybe doing some kind of system where each movie corresponds to a specific month, though right now I’m thinking it might be good to do a more simplified version of that idea. Instead of having every film correspond to a month, what I might do is pick out a few specific ones and then leave the others open especially since some are easier to find material for than others. For instance my birthday is in March and I share it with Quentin Tarantino, so one of his movies is a must. For Halloween I could do a horror film, and maybe a holiday one for Christmas.

    1. Very interested to see what you think of Notes on a Scandal, I quite enjoyed that film. As for Modern Times, that came close to making the 2015 list as well. Really need to fix the Chaplin Blind Spot at some point.

  2. Nice list! I’ve seen four of these (the first four on your list), and all are interesting. Rififi and Paris, Texas are definitely worth seeing as soon as you can. I’m going to be setting up my 2015 series with votes from readers again; that worked out really well last year. I still have Wages of Fear and My Neighbor Totoro left in 2014.

  3. That’s an excellent list. I’ve seen half of these films on that list. I’m almost finished in finalizing my list. I just need one more film to put in that list.

  4. Great list ! I’ve seen only three from your list. Paris, Texas has some great actors and is fantastically shot with an even doze of sadness and sweetness. Incendies’ story is outstanding as well as the lead actress. Shocking film. And Spellbound is an interesting Hitchcock film with a cool dream sequence. Not among his best but still pretty great.

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