Grape Soda 3

In Justin Robinson’s drama Grape Soda, the emotional wounds are as raw as the scab on Bobby’s (Mark Ashworth) arm that he is unconsciously scratching at. Building his tale slowly, Robinson keeps the source of the grief that permeates the film close to the chest. All that is clear is that Bobby and his wife Sherry (Rachel Hendrix) are having issues. Arriving home to find a man getting dressed and other signs of a romantic encounter, his despondent response to his wife is “you never told me you liked strawberries.” It is only after an incident at the involving the soda machine sets Bobby off that we begin to understand the pain that has impacted both Bobby and his marriage. Beautifully shot, Robinson even makes pop flowing on pavement feel poetic, Grape Soda is a film that expertly captures the devastating way death shapes life.

Grape Soda
Director: Justin Robinson / USA / 2014/ 17 minutes
Starring: Mark Ashworth, Rachel Hendrix, and Cranston Johnson