A Room with a View

In 1986 Platoon nabbed four Academy Awards including the illustrious award for Best Picture. Was Oliver Stone’s take on the Vietnam War worthy of the top prize? Or did one of the other four Best Picture nominees deserve it more? I make my return on the great Academy Awards loving podcast The Dew Over to discuss the 1986 Oscars.

In this episode host Jamie Dew assembles a stellar panel of film lovers to debate everything from Daniel Day-Lewis’ wonderful comedic chops in A Room with a View to the merits of the “Woody Allen” character in Hannah and Her Sisters. During the lively discussion I fight an uphill battle on why The Mission deserves its nomination and vent about the shameless Oscar bait that is Children of a Lesser God. So take a moment to give the episode a listen and see whether or not you agree with the panel’s final verdict.