Real Talk 2

I first encountered Real Talk when it screened at the Reel Asian International Film Festival back in 2012. A hit on the festival circuit, Real Talk is an engaging short film that explores one young man’s struggle against Asian stereotypes. The story follows best friends Pax (SK Wong) and Iggy (J. Mal McCree) as their bond begins to breakdown when Iggy starts to align himself with another crew. Though Patrick Ng’s work dissects the issue of race in America, the theme of friendship, and the pain of losing it, also plays a key role in the film. Originally conceived as his film school thesis project, Ng shows a keen directorial eye. His thirst for using cinema as a tool for exploring racial dynamics can also be found in his documentary short The Raisin Club.

Real Talk
Director: Patrick Ng / USA / 2011/ 15 minutes
Starring: SK Wong, J. Mal McCree, Nancy Eng and Branden Wellington.