Talking 1979 Oscars on The Dew Over

All that Jazz 1

At the 1979 Oscars, Kramer vs. Kramer reigned supreme by nabbing the Academy Award Best Picture over the likes of Apocalypse Now and All That Jazz. Was it a justifiable win or an Oscar abomination? Is there another film from 1979 that should have taken the title but did not make the cut? In short, does the 1979 Academy Awards require a Dew Over?

I make my return on the great Oscar loving podcast The Dew Over to discuss the 1979 best picture contenders. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, each week host Jamie Dew assembles a revolving panel of film lovers to talk about and dissect the best picture nominees for a given year. During this week’s lively discussion I defend the merits of Kramer vs. Kramer while waging a one man war against Bob Fosse’s All That Jazz. Of course Apocalypse Now, Breaking Away, and Norma Rae all get debated as well.

So take a moment to give the episode a listen and see whether or not you agree with the panel’s final verdict.