Oscar winner Shawn Christensen, who won the Best Live Action Short award for 2012’s Curfew, wrote and stars in the brilliantly twisted dark comedy Grandma’s Not a Toaster. In the film mother-to be Susannah (Mara Kassin) tries to persuade her neurotic brother Arnie (played by Christensen) to help steal their ailing Grandmother’s (Eileen Lacy) fortune. Susannah’s plan is complicated by the arrival of their younger brother Eddie (Michael Drayer), who has his own plans for the inheritance. The sharp witty dialogue, coupled with director Andrew Napier’s choice of capturing each character’s unique perspective, makes for a wonderfully entertaining film. Shawn Christensen’s latest film Before I Disappeared, a feature length adaptation of his Oscar winner Curfew, premiered at SXSW back in March and is slowly making its way around the festival circuit. As we eagerly wait to see what that film has to offer, Christensen’s young career continues to shine bright with possibilities.

Grandma’s Not a Toaster
Director: Andrew Napier / USA / 2013 / 10 minutes
Starring: Shawn Christensen, Mara Kassin, Michael Drayer and Eileen Lacy

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