I'm Here

Considering that Lena Dunham has been a hotly debated topic on the web this past week, I was tempted to feature the “choose your own adventure” style short film that she wrote and Spike Jonze directed last year. Instead, I opted to go with another Spike Jonze short that should bring a smile to the face of anyone who enjoyed his Oscar nominated gem of a romance Her. I’m Here is a science fiction love story set in a version of Los Angeles where humans and robots coexist. The plot involves a lonely robot, Sheldon (Andrew Garfield), who meets his dream girl in the form of a free-spirited robot named Francesca (Sienna Guillory). Similar to Her, the short is overflowing with creativity and emotion. It is a beautiful film that shows the joy, pain, and sacrifice that often comes with love.

I’m Here
Director: Spike Jonze / USA/ 2010/ 30 minutes
Starring: Andrew Garfield, Sienna Guillory, Daniel London and Michael Berry Jr.