when the zombies come

If you have ever had a job that was so dull that your only solace was to daydream about more exciting things, then today’s short is for you. In his documentary short, When the Zombies Come, director Jon Hurst explores the darkly comic ways in which boredom and fandom often mix. The film follows two employees of the Ace Hardware store, and fans of The Walking Dead, as they plan for the zombie apocalypse. Amusing, and mildly disturbing, the film offers an interesting look at how some retail employees blur the lines between fantasy and their general distaste for most customers. What makes the film work so well is that Hurst manages to find great humour in the subject matter without making his subjects into caricatures. After screening his documentary short at Sundance in 2013, as well as numerous other festivals, Hurst is now working on his next film which will be a feature. He currently has a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for his film entitled Andy’s Wake.

When the Zombies Come
Director: Jon Hurst/ USA/ 2013/ 10 Minutes