Dig 1

Though the Sundance Film Festival is nearing its end, there are plenty of great shorts playing at the festival that are available for your viewing pleasure. One of those films is the charming Dig. Directed by Toby Halbrooks, co-producer of Shane Carruth’s brilliant Upstream Color, the film revolves around a young girl, Jenny (Mallory Mahoney), watching her father dig a hole in the backyard. Why is he digging the hole? Well that is the question that the neighborhood is trying to figure out. While I will not spoil the outcome, I will merely say that the film hits all the beats you would hope for and more. It is simply a delightful piece of filmmaking.

Director: Toby Halbrooks / USA / 2014 / 10 Minutes
Starring: Mallory Mahoney, Augustine Frizzell and Jonny Mars