Normally I try to make a point to feature shorts on the weekend, but I am going to make a special exception today. I found out recently that one of my favourite shorts in recent years, Requiem for Romance, made it onto the 2013 Academy Awards top 10 shortlist in the animated short film category. I original watched Requiem for Romance at last year’s Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival and then was fortunate enough to see it again at one of the Shorts That Are Not Pants screenings. Needless to say the film plays even better upon repeat viewings. Director Jonathan Ng creates a visual treat that is an epic re-imagining of a diminishing relationship. Using feudal China as a backdrop, Ng explores how culture and social class can impede love. Whether or not Requiem for Romance makes the final Oscar ballot, it is a masterful film that deserves the awards and praise it has already received.

Requiem for Romance
Director: Jonathan Ng/ Canada/ 7 Minutes