Last month 10 of the 11 films were identified. Nimórd Antal’s Kontroll was the only film to stump people. Here is this month’s selection of scenes. How many can you identify?













  1. #1 – "Last Year At Marienbad"#5 – "Gleaming The Cube"#7 – "Child's Play"#10 – "Leonard Part 6"? Do you own that? Or should I say, do you want to admit that you own that?#11 – "Seven"I'm really guessing here…

  2. Yay! That scene in The Neverending Story traumatized a very young me back in the day. I was so scared my parents turned it off, and I thought for YEARS that everybody died in the quicksand.

  3. Some good guesses as 1,5,7, 10 are correct.11 – is wrong.As for Leonard Part 6, I can honestly say that I do not own a copy of that awful film. Frankly viewing it once was painful enough.

  4. Do not sell yourself short, Phips. I am sure there will be a few that you will get instantly. I try to mix in a few obvious (i.e. well known scenes) every other month or so. Sometimes, such as the case with #11, I will pick an obscure scene from a fairly known film/filmmaker just to spice things up a bit. Like you though, I am always impressed by how fast some people can solve these.

  5. Noone owns Leonard. Myth has it that after release Cosby bought the home video rights only so that it would never be released on VHS/DVD…I believe that's true. Only released theatrically and through HBO and such.

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