Considering I have been immersing myself in preparation for Hot Docs over the last few days I did not feel up to writing another review, let alone a non-documentary one, today. So instead I decided to have a little fun and post a few scenes from films I have seen over the years. Your job is to name the films, easy enough right? I thought so…


  1. 1. The Naked Gun2. Flirting3. The Untouchables? (My other choice is Bonfire of the Vanities)4. Chasing Amy7. Ace Ventura-Pet Detective8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer9. Cruising10. Birth

  2. All four our correct. I original had Flirting and Birth in the two and three spot because of the Kidman connection. However, I figured it would be too obvious a clue.

  3. You were right on all four of your guesses. Since you got number 5, number 3 should be a lot easier now.

  4. Correct. The young child is the more iconic image from the film but I thought it would be too obvious.

  5. Clue for number six: Both Parker Posey and Sarah Polley have worked with this director at some point. Posey more than once.

  6. Right director but none of those are the right film.The Girl From Monday was indeed awful, I finally got around to watching it last year and was greatly disappointed. It makes No Such Thing look ten times better in comparison.

  7. That canted angle helped give away that it was Hartley – almost the entirety of Fay Grim is filmed that way (even more so). Drove me a bit batty.

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