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March 03

Table 19

The experience of watching Table 19 is, fittingly enough, much like attending a wedding by yourself in which you classify the bride and groom as “acquaintances.” It is awkward, features occasional moments of fun, and ultimately leaves you wondering if it was worth getting all dressed up for. Jeffrey Blitz’s latest film revolves around a […]

February 03

The Auteurs: Noah Baumbach

One of the new voices to emerge in the mid-1990s, Noah Baumbach is a filmmaker that has a talent for making compelling films about people dealing with changes in their lives. After bursting onto the scene with his first feature film in 1995’s Kicking and Screaming, his career came to a brief halt following back-to-back […]

September 14

TIFF Review: Parkland

Dallas’ Dealey Plaza November 22, 1963. The iconic day and place where President John F. Kennedy was shot; and a nation mourned. In the opening sequences of his directorial debut, Parkland, Peter Landesman quickly introduces us to some of the key figures whose lives will be impacted by the events of that day. At Parkland […]

March 12

I Was Wrong: The Duplass Brothers

Jeff, Who Lives at Home If life is truly made up of a series of small moments, then Mark and Jay Duplass, aka the Duplass Brothers, have a far better grasp on life then one would think. It took me a while to come to this realization of course. Though many have heralded them as […]

January 11

Zero Dark Thirty

Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty arrives in theatres a day after securing several Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, and after riding a wave of controversy regarding the use of torture in the military. This gives the film the added pressure of having to live up to the hype as there will be people going […]