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April 24

Hot Docs 2015: Best of Enemies

In 1968 a rating starved ABC network, looking for a bit of sensationalism, decided to air a series of televised debates between conservative William F. Buckley Jr. and liberal Gore Vidal. It was a desperate attempt to chisel away viewers from stronghold that the likes of NBC and CBS held. Little did the producers know […]

August 15

The Expendables 3

Truth be told, I have never cared much for the pulsating aging biceps that populate Sylvester Stallone’s Expendables franchise. The novelty of seeing many of my favourite action stars, and a bunch of UFC fighters who somehow are considered action heroes despite never acting in anything of note, quickly dissipates the minute the generic gunplay […]

May 26

X-Men: Days of Future Past

If there is one thing that the X-Men franchise has taught us, it is that mutants are far more interesting when they are working together instead of fighting each other. One only needs to look at the two strongest films, X2: X-Men United and the new film X-Men: Days of Future Past, for examples of […]